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Anthropoetics - The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology
Many essays about mimesis and its repercursions on the language, the literary, the religion.

Anthropoetics : special issue on René Girard
An interview of René Girard by Markus Müller and contributions about mimesis.

Colloquium on Violence & Religion
Official site of the Girard's thought (?).

In french

Violence et Sacré
A site about the violence and the sacred, which try to conciliate René Girard's hypotheses and Psychoanalyse.

Dominicains en Franche-Comté
An introduction to René Girard's works, in a christian approach.

An individual nonviolent approach and its links with René Girard and Jim Douglass' works
A personal contribution about nonviolence

Philip K. Dick et le conflit mimétique
A studying of mimesis and nonviolence in two novels of Philip K. Dick

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