Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

Composing the collection of drawings La Boîte à Cells, I realised there was not really a French-speaking site devoted to Tex Avery. And, as often, majority of the existing Anglo-Saxon sites was intellectuely poor.

I am not a specialist in animation movies. It is thus extremely possible that some of my remarks can be disputed by experts.

I conceived this site around a first wish: to pay the best homage possible to a man and a team, of which works have the merit to still make me howl of laughing, not very current thing nowadays. However, I found in the work of the texan very interesting elements on the nature of violence. Permanent concern of my personal search, it influenced certain parts of my comments.

The option taken to redraw the totality of the images will be disputed by certain visitors. I was explained myself on my Web site illustration conception in several occasions and I can only refer you to my book Réussir son site Web (in french) in which they are summarized. I realized all of my drawings from screen-shots of Avery's cartoons. However I must confessed some visual loans to the enthralling book of Patrick Brion Tex Avery (Editions du Chêne).

If we make exception of an intense period for cartoon vision and long hours of search on the Net, the development of this site lasted approximately one month.

Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s forms part of a vaster site, called Alphabestiaire. Thanks to visit it, some pages are in english.

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