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Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

The studios were looking for characters able to be pretext to series.

With William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's Tom and Jerry, the Metro had a remarkable seam (which enabled its to win 7 Awards in 10 years !). This success undoubtedly offered Avery a greater independance to use his creations.

Characters designed by Tex Avery and his team appear according to the needs for the scenarios, without real systematism. Thus Screwy Squirrel, however the greatest success of Avery, dies at the end of Lonesome Lenny, after only 5 cartoons. It is not rare to see only once a character however very successful (for example the Flagada lion).

Used in the duration, the majority of these characters will see changing their features. The wolf, the absolute villain of the beginnings, loses gradually its sulfurous and erotomaniac side until becoming the pain-killer and placid pound guard in The Three Little Pups.

Under the influence of U.P.A.'s style, the Avery's characters will also be simplified in their layout. This formal impoverishment, that it is easy to follow on the character of Droopy, emphasizes even more - with some rare exceptions -, the extraordinary quality of the first years production.

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