Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s
  • The Cartoon Network
    Beautiful (and small) pictures of backgrounds and model sheets which show us the Avery's job. Few little clips with the Girl dancing and singing (but Lord, how long is the dowloading...)

  • Tex Avery
    A site located in Japan which presents a complete catalogue of films of the Tex Avery's career, with the detail of the teams for each cartoon. Some independent, very heavy and rather average quality illustrations.

  • The Genius of Tex Avery
    A english site with a good bio, a Disney vs Avery page and an analysis about sexuality in the Avery's work.

    La Bote cells
    Monthly, the most beautiful playmates from cartoons, mangas and animes.
  • The Fairy Tales of Tex Avery
    Four really interesting pages from Gary Morris, about the Fairy Tales looked by Tex Avery (it is certainly not as a Bettleheim's perception ...)

  • A tribute to Tex Avery
    Screen-shots (average quality) and waves files are the unique interest of this site.

  • The Non-stick MGM cartoon page
    Jay McCarthy give us there a significant stuff on the whole MGM's cartoons and their authors. About sixty Avery's cartoons screen-shots, unfortunately of rather bad quality.

  • Randy's MGM cartoon page
    Some things about Avery on this site dedicated to the MGM's cartoons, principaly Hanna and Barbera's Tom and Jerry.

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