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Screwball Squirrel
- For its first appearance, Screwy Squirrel gets rid violently of a charming small squirrel, Disney way, which was ready to live a new adventure with all its friends with feathers and hairs. Then, Screwy Squirrel and its old enemy Meathead can continue their stampede in some increasingly insane situations until the final gag and the reconciliation of the two adversaries fighting Sammy the squirrel together. This manifesto against Disney is a pure wonder and Squirrel remains an unequalled character.

Batty Baseball - Film about baseball, rather minor in comparison with the production of the time, which has nevertheless some tasty gags.

Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s
Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

Happy-Go-Nutty - Second shutter of Squirrel-Meathead's saga, as speed as the first. The dog drives out the squirrel escaped prisoner of the lunatic asylum because it was caught for Napoleon. Completely irrational track-race to the frame of end, where the two accomplices stop suddenly and tighten the hand, before Meathead realizes that Napoleon... it's itself. A must!

Big-Heel-Watha - The insane Squirrel changes comparse for this third edition, in which it must escape the Indian warrior Heel-Watha. This one, in exchange of food for the tribe, will obtain the hand of ravissante Minnie Hot-Cha. Afterwards many adventures, Screwy Squirrel decides to be captured to allow the marriage of the warrior with a squaw which are in first an ugly girl (making flee all the tribe) then a superb creature. Brilliant...


The Screwy truant
- Meathead is back in a simplified form, in order to bring back Squirrel on the path of the school. New episode of stampede, stuffed more laughing gags ones than the others. Heel-Watha required of the witness: " Are you amazed ? But in a cartoon everything is possible! ". A news and masterly illustration of this averyan precept.

The shooting of Dan Mc Goo - Violence and erotism (and humour naturally) forms the program of this masterpiece. The action occurs in a bar in Alaska. Red Hot is now a Lady Lou with increasingly suggestive swaying walks, which put in fright the wolf when this one is going to kill McGoo (Droopy). After having rid of the wolf, Droopy is kissed by Lady Lou, becomes insane as the wolf then pronounces its immortal "You know what? I'm happy."

Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s

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