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Blitz Wolf
- This new reading of the Three small pigs is an anti-nazi propaganda cartoon which reaches with genius. Der Fewer (the wolf, in its first appearance for the Metro) betray the non-aggression pact passed with the pigs, but break its teeth on the heroic defense of Sergeant Pork.

tex avery The Early Bird Dood It - To eat or be eaten? A rather traditional topic handled in a masterly way: perfect animation, gags in abundance and final which shows already that Tex Avery really does not wish to hamper himself with traditional happy end.

- First appearance of Droopy, hounding the Wolf escaped prisoner of Sing-Sing. Everywhere this one goes, through the United States and even in the North Pole, it is preceded by its lymphatic adversary, which will let burst its joy only after the obtaining of its reward. One more time, a pure moment of genius...

tex avery

Red Hot Riding Hood - The erotomaniac character of the Wolf explodes in this cartoon in front of a sensual Little Red Riding Hood, prototype of the girls marvellously animated by Preston Blair. But the nymphomaniac grandma keep an eye on. The wolf will end up committing suicide, its ghost becoming insane at the sight of the Little Red Riding Hood. Fabulous...

Who Killed Who? - A rather misjudged cartoon. No stars here, but an incoherent and fast succession of gags for a completely delirious police investigation. A must!

One Ham's Family - Disguised as Santa Claus, the Wolf is still caught some with the pigs but fall on crafty one which will make it... the skin. Vibrating but traditional.

What's Buzzin' Buzzard - A failed rabbit hunting obliges two famished buzzards in a confrontation where each one tries to devour the other. It is a cartoon without any equivalent in the movies story, extremely violent, macabre, laughing. The overflow of violence should end with the capture of rabbit but, alas, it is a day without meat... Quite simply brilliant.

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